Emma del Castillo

Hello everyone,

It´s Emma del Castillo. Seven years ago I started in the world of miniatures, the day I bought a simple dollhouse kit. I didn’t know where to begin and tried to learn with books and specialized magazines. Soon, I was completely caught up in the beauty and the different sides that the miniatures offer. That small kit turned into a manor of three floors. And now I´working in a second dollhouse.

Before to finish my first dollhouse decoration, I understood the most important element of the house is the character that give it life: the small porcelain dolls, its rich costumes, period hairstyle and delicate accessories.

Mi primera casa de muñecas    Mi primera casa de muñecas    Mi primera casa de muñecas    Mi primera casa de muñecas

Immediately I got study how to work on dolls. Currently I china paint the porcelaine kits of some of the best creators in the world: Gina Bellous, Theresa Glisson, Doreen Sinnet, Dana Sippel, Helena Reijnen… I choose each fabric (silk, brocade, organdy...) specially for the design of an unique dress inspired by models in museums and old engravings. And I try to use antique laces to improve my period dolls with more beauty and reality. Please click on dolls, I hope you like and have a nice time.

Thanks for stopping by.