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Our dolls are made of porcelain kits which have been done and painted to 1:12 scale for the best miniaturists in the world. At the present I china paint the dolls applying  six layers of paint, with baking between each application. I dress them in period dress reproducing clothes from museums and old engraving. Finally, I make the wig with the hairstyle according to times and improve the appearance of dolls with adornments and fashion accessories.
Clothing is made of rich fabrics (silk, linen, cotton), antique laces and leather.

Every dress is one of a kind.

If you are interested in any of the dolls available and need more information feel free to contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you have (go to Contact).

Payments can be made in euros  by check, bank transfer and Paypal. The price of every doll will have an additional charge for shipping

Cionín CionínCionínCionínCionín

Reproducing two-pieces victorian dress. Pure silk (light and dark silk).

Jacket with golden buttons and blouse with clasp in neck.

Skirt draped in graceful folds and trimmed with pleating and bows at back for bustle.
Purse of dress' silk.

Stockings and petticoat trimmed with lace edging.

Price: 300 euros

Carmen CarmenCarmenCarmenCarmen

Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Morning dress from 1887. Pure silk, gray and silver, trimmed with red silk.

Skirt pleated with wider folds and draped overskirt. Silver plating buttons. Stockings and petticoat of linen with antique lace edging.

Period hat of silk with feathers, laces and golden clasp. Boots of black leather with red trims.

Price: 300 euros

Luis LuisLuisLuis

Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Victorian suit of pure silk and crepé. Vest of beige silk with buttons of pearl. Shirt of silk and original patterned necktie. Pants of striped silk, frock coat of crepé.

Ankle boots of leather. The gentleman carries a cane of ebony with haft of silver and a hat.

(Chair is not included)

Price: 280 euros

Lidia LidiaLidiaLidiaLidia

Ball dress inspired by an illustration from 1883. It´s made of pure silk.
Fan of feathers.

Shoes are made of silk and leather.

Baggy trousers and petticoat of batiste trimmed with antique lace edging.

Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Price: 300 euros

Carlotta CarlottaCarlottaCarlotta

Ball dress from 1890 made of pure silk. Bustle and flounce of bodice of embroidered tulle.

Fan of antique lace.

Baggy trousers and petticoat of batiste trimmed with antique lace edging.

Shoes made of silk to match the dress, and leather.
Wig trimmed with pearls.

Porcelain body of the artist Gisele Sullivan.

Price: 280 euros             SOLD

Girl Making up
Maquillándose MaquillándoseMaquillándose

Inspired by a corset from 1880´s, Collection of the Kioto Costume Institute.

Corset made of pure blue silk and baggy trousers of white batiste trimmed with antique lace.

Mirror of silver and enamel.

Porcelain body of the artist Dana and painted by me.

(Chair is not included)

Price: 180 euros


Reading in the chaise-longe
Leyendo en la chaise-longe Leyendo en la chaise-longeLeyendo en la chaise-longe

Nightdress made of georgette blue silk with antique lace.

Organdie dressing gown to match the nightdress.

Book of leather.

Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Chaise-longue included (handmade furniture).

Price: 330 euros            SOLD

Marisa MarisaMarisaMarisa

Day dress from 1850.

Skirt of satin, jacket of velvet lining of silk, vest of silk brocade and a muff of natural fur.

Wrap of satin. Boots of leather.

Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Price: 300 euros

Anjana AnjanaAnjanaAnjanaAnjana

Fantasy doll on a wood stand.

Anjana (Cantabria's fairy) besides a estela, celtic monument of the region.

Doll painted by me, dressed with silk and antique tul.

Sandals made in leather and flower basket made with antique metalic lace.

Estela is stone like.

Price: 350 euros

Felicia FeliciaFeliciaFelicia


Eliza ElizaElizaEliza

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Frederica FredericaFredericaFredericaFredericaFrederica

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Karen. 1:24 scale
Karen KarenKarenKaren

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Miss Gladis
Miss Gladis Miss GladisMiss GladisMiss Gladis

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The Bride
The bride The brideThe brideThe bride

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Rosalind. 1:24 scale
Rosalind RosalindRosalindRosalindRosalindRosalind

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The peddler
The peddler The peddlerThe peddlerThe peddler

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