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All dolls featured in the gallery are sold

Our dolls are made of porcelain kits which have been done and painted to 1:12 scale for the best miniaturists in the world (click links).
We assemble the kits and dress them in period dress reproducing clothes from museums and old engraving. Finally, we make the wig with the hairstyle according to times and improve the appearance of dolls with adornments and fashion accessories.
Clothing is made of rich fabrics (silk, linen, cotton), antique laces and leather.

If you are interested in any of the dolls available and need more information feel free to contact me and I will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Leonor LeonorLeonorLeonorLeonor

Inspired by the illustration of Harrison Fisher: “Woman with Ostrich Fan”,1919.

Dress of purple silk and antique lace. Petticoat and baggy trousers of batiste and lace edging. Fan of silver and feathers.

String of pearls with swarovsky crystals.

Boots of leather. Porcelain body of the artist Helena Reijnen.

Luisa Luisa

Girl in day dress of blue silk (1887).

Jacket round edge trimmed with white natural fur. Neck trimmed with antique lace. Skirt pleated with wider folds and trimmed with fur. Great ribbon at back.

Hat of silk trimmed with antique laces. Stockings and petticoat with lace edging. Boots of leather.

Girl with Cage
Muchacha con jaula Muchacha con jaulaMuchacha con jaulaMuchacha con jaulaMuchacha con jaula

Composition inspired by the painting of John Liston Byam-Shaw “ Girl with Cage”, 1907.

Dress made of pure silk. Baggy trousers and petticoat of batiste and antique lace. Boots of leather.

Metal cage with bird of feathers. Porcelain body of the artist Dana.


Enma Enma

She wears an evening dress of 1896.

Pure silk and georgette silk.

Blouse and skirt trimmed with antique laces. Embroidered skirt by hand in three colors. Adornments of flowers in waist.

Stockings and petticoat trimmed with lace edging. Shoes are made of embroidered satin.

Double hairband of flowers. Fan of feathers.

Ana Ana

Young lady in a day dress of 1850.

Jacket of black velvet.

Blouse trimmed with antique laces. Skirt of pure silk (red) trimmed with flounces and ivory lace edging.

Stockings and petticoat trimmed with lace edging.

Hat of red velvet with black feathers.

Clasp in neck.

María MaríaMaríaMaría

Day dress from 1909 inspired by the collection of the Kioto Costume Institute.

Dress of pure silk trimmed whit handmade piping motif.

Parasol of silk with a handle carved in wood simulating bamboo. Straw hat with flowers, feathers and silk ribbon.

Porcelain body of the artist Theresa Glisson.

Lucrecia LucreciaLucreciaLucreciaLucrecia

Dress of a Dana pattern complemented with silk ribbon and flowers.
Wrap of tulle embroidered in precious stones and fringe of silk.

Silk shoes to match the dress.

Headdress of feathers and a barrette with swarovsky crystals.

Porcelain body of the artist Dana.

Buying a new hat
Buying a new hat Buying a new hatBuying a new hatBuying a new hatBuying a new hat

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Eleanor EleanorEleanorEleanorEleanor

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Eudora EudoraEudoraEudoraEudora

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Mary Francis
Mary Francis Mary FrancisMary FrancisMary FrancisMary Francis

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Michelle  Michelle

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Sonia SoniaSoniaSonia

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Girl with basket of flowers
Muchacha con cesto de flores Muchacha con cesto de floresMuchacha con cesto de floresMuchacha con cesto de flores

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The suffraguette
The Suffraguette The SuffraguetteThe Suffraguette

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